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Facebook Blueprint recently launched the Facebook Certified Community Manager Program, a standardized professional training and certification aimed at establishing best practices and standards around community management.

For students, we see this certification as an opportunity for resume enhancement to meet the growing need for social media professionals with online community building knowledge.

As we build more supplementary resources to support educators as they prepare their students for this certification, your feedback will be critical. We invite you to join this pilot, and help us establish the foundation of these materials.

"While I was looking for jobs in the digital marketing landscape, [the community manager] certification gave me an edge over other candidates and acted as a catalyst to secure the job.” - Saumil Joshi, Digital Marketing Intern at Bryt Life Foods & Rutgers University student

Pilot Benefits

In joining and completing this pilot, you will have access to the following:

  • Vouchers for your students to take the Community Manager certification exam

  • Access to the Community Manager Syllabus to help prepare your students for the certification exam.

  • An invite a virtual town hall session, where you can offer direct feedback on educator materials for the Community Manager Program, getting face-to-face time with Facebook Program managers and education content writers

  • A feature on our Educator Spotlight page as a pilot contributor (Fall/Winter 2021)

Pilot Schedule

  • April 5th - 20th
  • April 7th - 11th
    • All students are encouraged to register for their certification exams (exams should be scheduled no later June 30th to redeem the voucher)
    • Click here to request a voucher
    • Use this link to register for the certification exam
  • April 7th - May 3rd
  • May 3rd - June 30th
    • Students take their certification exams
  • June 30th
    • Attend the Virtual Town Hall for educators (invite details will be emailed no later than mid June)

Info Sessions