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Empower your students to pursue a career in social media marketing with free learning materials, hands-on activities, and other resources created by educators, for educators. These materials are appropriate for students in high school and all levels of higher education, and can also help prepare students for Meta Certification.

Building your skills

Take your expertise to the next level and become a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

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Certification for educators

Take your expertise to the next level and earn the Digital Marketing Associate certification.

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Free workshop training to help empower you to prepare your classroom.

Resources to empower your students

Explore digital marketing resources to support your classroom, including free teaching materials, hands-on student activities and more.

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Teaching materials

Explore free lesson materials and hands-on activities to help you prepare and empower your students in the classroom.

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Certifications for students

Help your students to stand out in the job market and build credibility with future employers with the Meta Digital Marketing Associate certification.

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Meta Career Programs

Students can get job-ready skills and prepare a career in social media marketing with the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate, hosted on Coursera.

Additional Resources

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