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Welcome to the Blueprint Educators Portal

We’ve recently added new course modules, learning materials and improved navigation to give educators easier access to the content on the Educators Portal.

Check out the informational video for an overview of what’s new on the Educators Portal and to learn more about the goals of the digital marketing skills program.

What’s new on the Educators Portal

  • Distance Learning Content:

    • We’ve added ten virtual classroom modules as part of a suggested 10-week lesson plan. These modules include guidance about how to better use resources in the Educators Portal virtually.
    • Each virtual classroom module includes a supplementary student-facing video for asynchronous learning, and a revised presentation to guide your synchronous class time.
    • We’ve also updated our resources to help students prepare and register for the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification. This content has been moved to the home page.
  • New and improved content:

    • All presentations, speaker notes, worksheets and resources have been revised to offer more engaging and current content.
  • New lesson navigation:

    • When exploring lessons by unit, an expandable menu (accessible through the blue button on the bottom left) allows you to quickly jump to other lessons in the unit and see which activities you have already viewed.
  • Improved lesson page:

    • Each lesson now contains a preview of the presentation, so you can view the content before downloading.
    • Additional context for each lesson, including learning objectives and suggested student level, helps you understand how this content can be tailored to fit into your existing content.
  • Easier home navigation:

    • The home page content has been reorganized to help you more quickly locate the right lessons.
    • The navigation bar has moved to the top of the screen, and additional links have been added to help you find what you need more quickly, including:
      • Home
      • Library
      • Additional resources
      • Technical support
      • Feedback survey
      • Digital marketing guide
      • Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification