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This content was designed for learners who want to explore a career in digital marketing or grow a business using social media. The lessons are modularized so you can mix and match them to build your own classroom experience. The content covers five core areas:

  1. Build a Social Media Presence

  2. Create Social Media Content

  3. Execute an Ad Campaign

  4. Start a Career in Digital Marketing

  5. Online Safety and Privacy

You can view the full content outline and downloadable file below.

Unit 1: Build a Social Media Presence

Module 1: Digital Marketing Basics

1.1 The Evolution of Digital and Social Media Marketing
This lesson looks at the 21st century media revolution, the rise of social media and how data became central to digital marketing.

1.2 Data and Digital Marketing
This lesson explains what data is, where it comes from and why it’s valuable for marketers.

Module 2: Build a Business Presence

2.1 Build a Business Presence on Social Media
This lesson explores the value of having a business presence on social media.

2.2 Understand Your Customer and Their Journey
This lesson shows students how to create a customer persona that attracts a quality audience on Facebook and Instagram.

2.3 Brand and Business Identity on Social Media
This lesson explains how to define a brand and explores ways to provide value to audiences on social media.

Module 3: Engage an Audience

3.1 Engage an Audience on Social Media
This lesson helps students identify tactics to build relationships with their audience on Facebook and Instagram through organic engagement.

3.2 Measure Success in Social Media Marketing
This lesson explains how to measure awareness and audience engagement.

Unit 2: Create Social Media Content

Module 4: Create Content for Facebook and Instagram

4.1 Start Building Content
This lesson introduces students to content calendars and gives them the opportunity to create a piece of content using a creative brief. Students will also learn some free and inexpensive ways to enhance photos and videos.

4.2 Develop Engaging Photos and Videos
This lesson helps students understand the importance of sharing engaging visual content on social media, and offers tips for developing it.

4.3 Strategic Writing for Social Media
This lesson explores the difference between brand voice and tone, and best practices for developing written content on social media.

Unit 3: Execute an Ad Campaign

Module 5: Introduction to Advertising on Facebook

5.1 Advertising on Facebook
This lesson shows students how to grow a business using Facebook’s advertising solutions. They will also learn about the customer journey, and the role advertising plays in the conversion process.

5.2 Create an Ad on Facebook
This lesson familiarizes students with Facebook Ads Manager and the steps of the ad creation process.

Module 6: Choose an Ad Objective and Budget

6.1 Choose an Ad Objective
This lesson introduces students to Facebook advertising objectives, discusses how they align with the customer journey and explains how to choose a campaign objective based on a business goal.

6.2 Determine an Ad Budget and Bid Strategy
This lesson shows students how to set up an ad budget by choosing the right bid strategy and discusses the different factors that impact delivery and cost.

Module 7: Audience and Placements

7.1 Set Up an Audience
This lesson explores the differences between Core, Custom and Lookalike Audiences, and when each is most appropriate based on the ad objective.

7.2 Ad Placements and Formats
This lesson shows students where different ad placements appear across Facebook apps and technologies. It also explains the value proposition and best practices of each ad format.

Module 8: Measurement

8.1 Measure Ad Performance
This lesson helps students develop an understanding of ad performance using the reporting tools in Ads Manager. They will also learn how to analyze ad results based on success metrics along the customer journey.

Unit 4: Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Module 9: Establish Your Personal Brand

9.1 Your Personal Brand Matters
This lesson explains why it’s important to have a personal brand and the benefits of having a personal brand in a competitive marketplace.

9.2 Establish Your Personal Brand
This lesson invites students to define and promote their personal brand.

Module 10: Careers in Social Media

10.1 Unlock Your Career in Social Media
This lesson explores the core skills required to have a successful career in social media.

Unit 5: Online Safety and Privacy

Module 11: Establish Personal Safety and Privacy Online

11.1 Stay Safe Online
This lesson explores the concept of online safety. Students will learn tactics for staying safe online and what to do if their online safety is compromised.

11.2 Protect Your Privacy
This lesson explores individual privacy preferences and how to maintain privacy online.

11.3 Manage Your Reputation
This lesson provides foundational information about creating, managing and protecting a reputation online.

Module 12: Privacy and Safety in Digital Media and Advertising

12.1 Privacy, Control and Data-Based Advertising
This lesson discusses the responsible use of data in online advertising and the control people have over the ads they see.

12.2 Recognize and Avoid Misinformation Online
This lesson shows students how to identify and avoid misinformation online. They will also learn about the different ways Facebook attempts to protect people from misinformation.

Advanced Learner Supplement

Measure Advertising Effectiveness
This lesson provides an overview of different measurement methods. Students will learn the difference between observational and experimental methods, and how to apply the right method to a given measurement challenge.

Evaluate and Optimize Advertising With Attribution
This lesson looks at how attribution works. Students will learn how to differentiate between rules-based and statistical models, and how to apply the right attribution approach to common marketing challenges.

Build Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns
This case study examines how to increase offline sales through digital marketing, using the example of comfort tech company Purple Innovation, Inc.