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Welcome to the Facebook Educators Portal, designed by educators, for educators. You can use this content to teach digital marketing to students at all levels of higher education. That includes advanced high school, career and technical school (CTE) students, as well as students in community college, university and MBA programs.

You will find a few different resources here: in-class presentation materials, facilitator notes, case studies, student activities, quizzes and links to corresponding online material for students to both prepare for class and reinforce what they learn. The content is modularized, so you can integrate it into existing plans or syllabi (either a core marketing class or an elective) and build a classroom experience that is relevant to your students.

If your students are interested in taking the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam, we recommend that they use the available six hours of online resources to prepare. The certification is aimed at entry-level candidates. You can also find more information about the Facebook Blueprint Digital Skills content here.

Content in the Educators Portal

The content in the Educators Portal takes learners through the basics of starting, executing and measuring a digital campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Applied content allows students to run their own campaigns, while case study exercises give them an opportunity to analyze how clients have designed and pivoted their campaign strategies. Students are also challenged to consider online safety and privacy, and how data is shared.

The content is divided into five main units and 28 lessons. We recommend this content path for advanced high school, CTE, community college and university students. You’ll also find three workshop packages for more advanced and graduate-level students.

Unit 1: Build a Social Media Presence

Module 1: Digital Marketing Basics
1.1 The Evolution of Digital and Social Media Marketing
1.2 Data and Digital Marketing

Module 2: Build a Business Presence
2.1 Build a Business Presence on Social Media
2.2 Understand Your Customer and Their Journey
2.3 Brand and Business Identity on Social Media

Module 3: Engage an Audience
3.1 Engage an Audience on Social Media
3.2 Measure Success in Social Media Marketing

Unit 2: Create Social Media Content

Module 4: Create Content for Facebook and Instagram
4.1 Start Building Content
4.2 Develop Engaging Photos and Videos
4.3 Strategic Writing for Social Media

Unit 3: Execute an Ad Campaign

Module 5: Introduction to Advertising on Facebook
5.1 Advertising on Facebook
5.2 Create an Ad on Facebook

Module 6: Choose an Ad Objective and Budget
6.1 Choose an Ad Objective
6.2 Determine an Ad Budget and Bid Strategy

Module 7: Audience and Placements
7.1 Set Up an Audience
7.2 Ad Placements and Formats

Module 8: Measurement
8.1 Measure Ad Performance

Unit 4: Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Module 9: Establish Your Personal Brand
9.1 Your Personal Brand Matters
9.2 Establish Your Personal Brand

Module 10: Careers in Social Media
10.1 Unlock Your Career in Social Media

Unit 5: Online Safety and Privacy

Module 11: Establish Personal Safety and Privacy Online
11.1 Stay Safe Online
11.2 Protect Your Privacy
11.3 Manage Your Reputation

Module 12: Privacy and Safety in Digital Media and Advertising
12.1 Privacy, Control and Data-Based Advertising
12.2 Recognize and Avoid Misinformation Online

Advanced Learner Supplement

Measure Advertising Effectiveness
Evaluate and Optimize Advertising With Attribution
Build Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

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